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About the part name of the bag?

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About the part name of the bag?

bag structure

Front panel, rear panel: generally refers to the front and rear main parts of the luggage, also called the front and rear panels.

Body: the front panel, the back panel is connected to the bottom part.

Plug: luggage, the three-dimensional structure formed by the side parts of the handbag and the bottom of the luggage, also called the side piece, the horizontal head, and the side wall. 

Body circumference: The part that connects the side plug and the bottom as a whole.

Side girth: The side part that makes up the large body girth.

Waist: The bottom piece that makes up the bodice.

Leather: A decorative part on the body of the bag. Including: top sticker, middle sticker, bottom sticker, side sticker, cover sticker, corner sticker, inner sticker, bottom sticker Bottom sticker: bag bottom, bag bottom.

Inner stickers: The inner counterparts of various bag mouths.

Zipper Patch: One or two leather-covered parts to sew the zipper.

Body circumference stickers: The body circumference is a three-dimensional part that is produced when the structure is shrunk into a circle compared to the front and rear contours. It can be formed into different levels and divided into one piece or divided into two pieces, called a big body sticker, and divided into 3 pieces, called a big body sticker. Side wraps and body wraps.

Horizontal head circumference sticker: A small skin sticker with a three-dimensional structure formed by independent side parts that penetrate into the body a little.

Zipper Tail: A part sewn to both ends of the zipper so that the zipper does not unravel.

Ears: small parts used to fix square buttons or D buttons, or sewn to the grips at both ends of the zipper.

Lock leather: the ear piece attached to the lock head.

Outer bag: Various three-dimensional bags on the front and rear panels, also called attached bags.

Insert pockets: flat bags located on all levels of the luggage, and their specific names are determined by their parts, such as front pockets, back pockets, front pockets, etc.

Organ Bag: A three-dimensional bag with pleats like an accordion on the side of the bag. There is an open, zippered pocket and a single side accordion pocket with flap and double side accordion pocket.

Hanging bag: The small bag in the bag body that is less than the bottom of the main bag, the inner bag of the multi-finger zipper window, and also refers to various hanging bags designed outside the handbag.

Zippered Window: Refers to the window of a zippered sling that is less than the width of both ends of the component.

Medium compartment: The main bag of the bag is divided into two or more compartments.

Strap: The shoulder strap of the bag has various design forms of fixed, movable and adjustable.

Handle: Single strap or double handle strap for luggage.

Handle: Also called a handle. The luggage parts that play the role of carrying, have a smaller span and a shorter length than the handle.

Liner: The material of the inner part inside the bag.

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