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Do You Know Waxed Canvas?

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Do You Know Waxed Canvas?

The water-repellent qualities and unique character of waxed canvas have been known and used in one form or another for hundreds of years. Extremely popular in the early to mid-1900s, it has in recent years seen a major resurgence.

Why the jump in interest? People are looking for a more natural, eco-friendly water-resistant material, and waxed canvas offers that—and much more. In addition to the "water proof" nature of waxed canvas, people are understandably attracted to its good looks. This cotton material develops creases and wrinkles over time, much like a favorite old leather jacket. No other fabric patinas and wears like waxed canvas; no other material offers these characteristics.

Waxed canvas is strong and very durable, and is ideal for backpacks, work aprons, jackets, vests, dog gear, saddle bags, tote bags, book bags, storage bags, all kinds of outdoor gear and packs.

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