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How much do you know about fabrics?

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How much do you know about fabrics?

Germ cloth:

A. According to the weaving method (different looms):

1. Knitted fabrics: mesh, meijia, plush, shearing, wear-resistant cloth, KEVLA L LYCRA.

2. Plain weave: Tafta Oxford cloth CORDURA BALLISTIC.

3. Twill: 3/1 twill, 2/2 twill, large twill, cross jacquard, plaid, sardine

4. Jacquard: dyed yarn plaid curtain fabric LOGO jacquard bed sheet tablecloth

5. Non-woven fabric: Lixin cloth needle ginned cotton (pay attention to thickness/yard weight/texture/color)

Plain weave, twill weave, jacquard fabric are all made of warp and weft yarns crisscrossed to form their fabric structure. Different warp and weft yarns are made of different materials/numbers and the weaving method does not change to produce a variety of fabrics of different specifications. The specifications are expressed as follows:

420D (warp denier) * 420D (weft denier) / 50T (warp yarn) * 36T (weft yarn) knitted fabric is made of warp and weft yarns in the form of loops, usually divided into warp and weft yarns. There are two kinds of knitting and weft knitting. It is often expressed in terms of Danny number/yard weight/width.

twill fabricnon woven fabric

Common specifications of nylon cloth:

70D:70D*170T+PU1 70D*190T+0.3MM PVC 70D diamond grid+PL2+WR/

210D:210D*116T-PUI 210D*116T+PU2 2101*118T+0.35MM plain weave PVC

420D:420D*86T+PU2 4200*86T+0.4MM PVC 4200 Big Slant+PU2-WR 420D Cross Jacquard PU2-WR

840D+PU2/PVC 1680DIPU2/PVC


Common specifications of Tedlon fabric:

75D printed cloth + 0.3MM PVC 150D herringbone + PUI 300D*110T + PU2/0.3MM PVC

6000*3000*64T+0.5MM PVC 6000*64T+0.55MM PVC 600D*76T-PU2+WR

1200DPU2*WR/0.6MM PVC 1800D 0.65MM PVC.

Other commonly used cloth specifications:

1. PP cloth: 1000D PP plain weave+PU2+WR 1200D PP twill IPU2-WR 350D PP twill+PU2+WR

The characteristics of PP cloth are light weight, good fastness and color fixation, good strength and heat resistance, anti-fouling and antibacterial properties, and can be naturally decomposed

2. PE coated cloth: Also known as PE plastic cloth, it is formed by coating the upper and lower sides of PE plain woven cloth with PE.

3. Warp and weft blended fabric: 420D*300D N/T two-color cross jacquard + PU2 (with two-color effect) T/linen: 300D*12'S/2+0.4MM PVC

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