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How to choose a good mommy bag?

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How to choose a good mommy bag?

A woman plays multiple roles in her life, daughter, girlfriend, wife, mother, experience gives life to each role.


Gorky once said that all the glory and pride in the world comes from the mother. The greatness of a woman lies in maternal love. Love is a kind of care, but also an action. When a woman knows that she wants to be a mother, it is the happiness revealed in the complicated anxiety and anxiety.

Mothers who work hard but are full of happiness often prepare baby bottles, diapers, milk powder, clothing, quilts and other daily necessities for their babies. At this time, I believe mothers will think: how to organize these messy things. What about things? How to use these daily necessities in a healthier and more convenient way?

At this time, how important it is for babies and mothers to choose one or even several mummy bags. Many young mothers are worried that after giving birth to a baby, their body will be out of shape, they will no longer be fashionable, and they want to pursue fashion. How to choose a good mommy bag?

As a trendy mom, how to choose a mommy bag that is both practical and fashionable?

The mummy bag is specially designed and produced for the convenience of taking care of infants and young children. Infants and mummy supplies are put into the bag in different categories to provide convenience for mothers to take their children out. Mummy bags are roughly divided into three categories: single shoulder, double shoulder, and portable. One-shoulder is suitable for a short period of time outdoors. The main advantage of the shoulder is to liberate mommy's hands and take care of the baby cheaply. Double shoulders are suitable for long-term outdoor activities. They are convenient and stylish.

Choose a good mummy bag:

First, When choosing a mummy bag, you must first consider the size of the bag, choose the right size according to your height and body shape, and also how much you need to bring every time you go out.

Second, the second thing to consider is the style. 

Now most of them are slung on one shoulder, but some designs can be hung on the bassinet or baby carriage, so that the mother can better free up her hands to protect the baby, and also reduce the weight of the baby. Mom's burden can be carefully considered when choosing. The style of the bag and the design of the internal structure are actually very important. When purchasing, you need to choose carefully according to your own preferences and needs.


Third, the mummy bag should be sufficient and have enough pockets, and the internal structure should be clear. 

Because this is one of the most important reasons for us to buy it, whether it is a big mummy bag or a small mummy bag that we usually bring when we go out, it must be enough. The bags that mothers usually use for work or leisure, large or small, are not suitable for carrying baby products. The design of the mummy bag is very considerate. When choosing, we should pay attention to whether its internal structure is reasonable and whether there are enough pockets. Because we need to hold milk bottles, milk powder carrying boxes, water bottles, biscuits, diapers, all kinds of tissues, small towels, baby's spare underwear or wet pants, and even umbrellas, mobile phones, wallets and other items. Only when the internal structure of the bag is clear, can the baby's daily necessities be neatly organized, clean and hygienic, clear at a glance, and easy to use. When the mother faces an emergency, she no longer has to panic and drag her bag to find it.

Fourth, the material of the mummy bag is better.

The inner lining of many mummy bags is designed to be waterproof, because we carry too many bottles and cans, and there are a lot of liquids, and we need to put the baby's wet pants, so at least one layer must be waterproof when choosing. of. The pockets for various baby bottles and water bottles should also be selected with thermal insulation. It is inconvenient to find boiling water to flush milk after going out. The functional mummy bag can save you a lot of things. Quality comes from professionalism.

Fifth, the mummy bag should be one big and one small. 

The big mommy bag is suitable when going out for a long time. It can hold more things, such as baby's coat, thin blanket (in case the baby falls asleep outside), baby's tableware, etc., diapers, milk powder, paper towels You can also bring a little more, or when the mother takes the baby out for shopping, you can also put down the mother's "booty". That small mommy bag is suitable for after dinner, or taking the baby out to play for a while. You don't need to carry so many things, but you have to carry the necessary feeding bottles, water, etc. A small mommy bag is lightweight And easy to use. You can choose this style that can be crossed obliquely and can be tied around the waist as a waist bag, which is easy to carry and does not affect your running and running with your baby.

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