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How to take care of our bags?

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How to take care of our bags?

maintain bags

In many cases, the bags become dirty, discolored or worn, not due to long-term use, but may just be caused by our lack of attention during use. People who love bags will definitely have some experience and lessons in this area, and know what problems should be paid attention to when using bags.

1. If your hands are prone to sweating, it is best to use your arms to carry bags or shoulder backpacks, and use less hands to carry bags, otherwise sweat will easily leave stains on the handles of the bags.

2. When storing sharp objects in the luggage, be sure to pack the sharp objects completely before placing them. And those items that are suspected of being cut or damaged are best not to be placed in the baby luggage. Do not jam or place heavy items, otherwise the bag will be deformed or damaged.

3. When switching the lock of the bag, do not mix foreign objects in the lock, which will damage the hardware of the bag.

4. Do not stick labels or sticky tapes on the bags, which can easily cause the skin to peel off when pulled off.

5. When using a handbag, try to avoid frequent friction between the handbag and the denim fabric, because it will easily cause dyeing.

6. In rainy and snowy weather, try to avoid using leather bags such as suede, nubuck, and suede, because once a large area is wetted with water, it will be difficult to take care of, and the leather will become hard.

7. Long-term direct sunlight and heating will cause discoloration, discoloration and deformation of bags. Should try to avoid long-term contact with the luggage and sunlight, heating.

When receiving

1. It is best to clean and care for the bags that are to be collected out of season before storing. Be sure to put clean fillers (for example: shredded paper balls or cotton shirts) in the bags to maintain the shape of the leather bags, and then Put the bag in the dust bag for storage.

2. The cabinet for storing luggage must be well ventilated, preferably a cloakroom or wardrobe with shutters, and it is best not to put too many items in the cabinet. If the environment is humid, you can put a little moisture-proof beads in the bag.

Emergency situations

1. If the bag is accidentally wet, the correct treatment method should be to first absorb the moisture on the bag with a dry cloth, and then put it in a cool place to let it dry naturally. Never put a wet leather bag in direct sunlight or blow it with a hair dryer, or blow it next to an air conditioner, otherwise the leather will burst.

2. If you find stains on the bags, do not wipe them with chemical products. Different leather products have completely different treatment methods. It is easy to damage the leather bag if you deal with it yourself. It is best to get a professional leather goods maintenance agency for cleaning or repair. Moreover, the natural oil of the leather itself will gradually decrease with time or use too many times, so even very advanced leather goods need regular maintenance.

Cleaning skills

Bags are divided into leather bags and cloth bags according to different materials, and there are different maintenance and cleaning methods.

Leather luggage maintenance

(1) It cannot be washed with water. The correct way to clean the dust on the surface of the bag daily is to wipe it with a dry cloth dipped in water or cleaning solution; (2) Wipe leather bags in the direction of the fur; (3) Clean leather bags and The care products used in maintenance must not contain acidic or alkaline components, nor volatile components; (4) When storing leather bags out of season, they should be placed in a cabinet with ventilation conditions, and care should be taken to avoid the bags being squeezed during storage. Pressure, distortion, mildew, etc.

Cloth luggage maintenance

(1) When cleaning cloth bags, the straps should be removed and then cleaned; (2) When cleaning cloth bags, the fabric should be prevented from fading; (3) If the cloth bags are stained with deep dirt, you can add a little when cleaning soda water.

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