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The printing renderings of tote bag !

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The printing renderings of tote bag !

We are a factory that can accept customized products, such as patterns and shapes. So if you find any bag you like on the Internet, you can send the picture to us. We will discuss more details and promote more cooperation.

For example, if you send me a picture, and then use this picture, we can produce it like this video.After we finished well the backpack,then the backpack is just like what I have in my hand. The material is polyester, waterproof, soft and comfortable.

Do you have your favorite pattern? Do you want to have a bag with your own pattern? Please contact us and just send us picture.

tote bag -02-1

tote bag -01tote bag -02-3

tote bag -02-8

tote bag -02

tote bag -02-6

tote bag -02-7

tote bag -02-2

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