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What is the classification of bags?

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What is the classification of bags?

What is the classification of bags?

Luggage products have been clearly classified in the International Harmonized System Code (HS). The classification of luggage in the field of national quality standards is from the perspective of use. Therefore, the definition of luggage in my country is not very unified with the international classification.

Messenger bag/crossbody bag

1. According to the style

Handbags, Shoulder Bags, Crossbody Bags, Handbags, Wallets, Backpacks, etc.

backpack bag

2. Divide by function

Briefcase, computer bag, camera bag, medical bag, travel bag, cosmetic case, etc.

laptop backpack

3. According to the material

Leather bags, pu bags, pvc bags, canvas bags, cloth bags, etc.

canvas bag

4, according to the box to divide

Trolley bags, tool bags, luggage, suitcases, etc.

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